Vampires Rock: The Ghost Train

The Vampires Rock: The Ghost Train saga continues in 2017 with the UK’s most successful classic rock musical.

Steve Steinman presents the extravagant sequel to the original Vampires Rock show. An energetic performance is coupled with special effects, unforgettable music and a bit of humour.

Featuring a fire routine, fun story and guitar gods, the show takes audiences through some of the greatest rock anthems to hit the airwaves. The production includes hits from Meat Loaf, AC/DC, Queen, Guns n Roses, and more.

The Vampires Rock: The Ghost Train includes the following cast and band members:

  • John Evans as Bosley The Janitor
  • Steve Steinman as Baron Von Rockula
  • Hayley Russell as Roxy Honey Box
  • Victoria Jenkins on vocals and dancing
  • Penny Jones on vocals and dancing
  • Pete Jean on drums
  • Jamie Hiscox on lead/rhythm guitar
  • Niro Knox on lead/rhythm guitar
  • Mary Garner on bass guitar
  • Andy Preston on keyboards

The show tells the story of Baron Von Rockula and his little Vampettes. The group decides to stay at an abandoned fairground attraction, known as the ghost train. The pure Roxy Honey-Box is lured in to taking a ride on the train. The Baron, after all, is looking for a virtuous wife to replace his late Pandora.

Baron’s Vampettes set out to secure Roxy as part of the loosely-scripted story. He needs a new Mrs. Baron Von Rockula to take her place.

The story is told in song, through hit classic rock songs like “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Schools Out,” Shoot to Thrill” and “Just Died in Your Arms.”

Audiences are also introduced to Baron’s most-hated enemy: Vanhalen-sing, a vampire hunter. But his enemy may not be who he seems. Vanhalen-sing is trying to protect people to the vampires and getting onto the train ride.

The second-half of the show features flame eaters and pyrotechnics as well as more classic songs, including “Tainted Love,” “Sweet Child of Mine,” “Shot Through the Heart,” and “Final Countdown.” The show closes out with a stunning rendition of Meat Loaf’s famous song “Bat out of Hell.”

There are plenty of laughs to be had throughout the show, and audiences are treated to guitar solos by Niro Knox.

The show tours throughout the United Kingdom from Halloween day through March. Summer dates are also planned for August. The production includes adult language and may not be suitable for younger audiences. There are no restrictions on sales of tickets.