Elf The Musical Presented by the Pantheon Club

The Elves at Pantheon are bringing Elf the Musical to Glasgow. The musical is set to be a major treat for Christmas lovers across the world. The musical follows the movie, and it revolves around Buddy.

You see, Buddy is an elf, but he was an orphan. Santa didn’t take Buddy, but he raised him as one of his elves nonetheless. Buddy crawled into Santa’s bag when he was flying around the world giving gifts to children.

Buddy wasn’t discovered until he was transported to the center of Christmas magic: The North Pole.

Santa had no other option but to treat Buddy as an elf. Raised as an elf, Buddy started to realize that something was wrong. He grew taller and larger in size than all of the other elves. He also lacked the ability to make toys quite as well as any of the other elves.

Buddy started to face the reality that he wasn’t quite an elf.

The musical follows Buddy as he asks for Santa’s permission to find his birth father and learn about his real identity. The journey starts in New York City where buddy finds out that his father is on the naughty list.

Even worse, he has a step brother that believes something unthinkable: there’s no Santa.

Buddy is now on a mission. He has to show his family that Christmas has a true meaning. His ambition widens even further when he makes it his mission to show all of New York the meaning of Christmas.

Elf The Musical follows the New Line Cinema hit. Songs in the musical are from Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin. Thomas Meehan and Bob Martin wrote the books that the musical will follow.

Considered a modern-day classic, the musical is filled with Christmas magic and will leave the crowd singing songs loudly all night.

Elf the Musical is based on the motion picture. Performances of the musical have been ongoing since the film’s success led to the film becoming a Christmas classic. The story is often narrated by Santa Claus in the musical version rather than by Papa Elf.

The disbelief in Santa, portrayed in Michael, Buddy’s stepbrother’s plot, has been added into the musical. The actor playing Buddy doesn’t have an age limit, and the story occurs much earlier in the musical, just three years prior rather than thirty years prior.

Act I is comprised of 10 musical numbers while Act II has 8 musical numbers.