Hairspray UK Tour

Hairspray is back for a London tour starting in August 2017. The smash hit is a musical comedy placed in the 1960s in Baltimore. Considered an irresistible show, Hairspray will have you dancing the entire night in what’s described as a “feel-good show.”

The casting for the musical is spot-on with performances that are memorable, heartfelt and offers a night of laughs.

The cast includes:

  • Matt Rixon (Enda Turnblad)
  • Norman Pace (Wilbur Turnblad)
  • Brenda Edwards (Motormouth Maybelle)
  • Layton Williams (Seaweed)
  • Rebecca Mendoza (Tracy Turnblad)
  • Edward Chitticks (Link Larkin)

Mendoza is the star of the show. Trained in Italy, she has appeared in several in-house productions. A graduate in 2017, she was thrust into the biggest role Hairspray has to offer. Filled with passion, she makes her professional debut as Tracy Turnblad.

Chitticks plays the role of Link, the town’s heartthrob and love interest of Turnblad. He was trained at Laine Theatre Arts and has experience in several major performances, including: Ensemble, Mamma Mia and The Town.

Williams plays the role of Seaweed, and he has extensive experience in theater. He was born to act, and he began his career in Billy Elliot, playing the role of Billy, at the young age of 12. Known for his role in Bad Education, he has also played in the 20th anniversary of Rent.

Pace, best known for his career in Hale & Pace, a comedy duo, brings comedy to life in the musical. He is a seasoned television actor with credits including The Management and Pushing Up Daisy’s. His theatrical career started with a role in Chicago, and he has also been in numerous other shows, including The Rocky Horror Show, Secret Garden and dozens of others.

The cast is filled with passion, and the chemistry is evident from the first scene. You’ll feel the love between Turnblad and Larkin, and experience music and dance the entire night. It’s an unforgettable experience that honors the storyline.

Tracy is the center of the musical with viewers watching her go from a dreamer to dancing her way into national television.

Intoxicating to watch, she is a teen that falls in love, becomes a star and reaches newfound fame.

It’s a musical that brings justice to the movie and watches Tracy as she struggles to find a way to become an equal after all of her dreams have come true.

Lyrics are brought to you by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman. Marc is also responsible for the show’s music.