Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a journey of enchantment in a world of true magic. Running 2 hours and 55 minutes, the production was created in 1984 and includes two intervals. The production follows the story of Aurora.

Sleeping Beauty is about love, magic and mystery.

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, is born and her family rejoices, but there is a problem. You see, the family insulted a wicked fairy named Carabosse by not inviting her to Aurora’s christening. The fairy is furious, and she promises that Aurora will one day will prick her finger and die on the baby spindle that she gives to her.

The gift is offset by a Lilac Fairy, which makes a gift that will undo the curse. While Carabosse’s magic is too strong to overcome, the new gift puts Aurora into a deep sleep. The sleep is better than death, but it comes with a once-in-a-lifetime condition: Aurora will only awaken when a prince kisses her.

Aurora finds the spindle on her 16th birthday, pricks her finger and falls into a deep slumber. The enchanted sleep causes the entire palace to fall asleep. The palace falls into disarray, with the palace hidden in a great, dark forest.
Prince Florimund finds the palace by chance and kisses Aurora to awaken her.

She is awoken after 100 years of sleeping to a world that is different, strange and not like the world that she once knew.
Considered one of the grandest ballets of all time, the original choreography by Marius Petipa is kept intact. Tchaikovsky’s classical score is also included, as the mix of dance, fairy tale characters and music captivate the crowd.

Enchanting for the entire family, live music will fill the venue in a spectacular performance. The costume design is world class, with critics stating that there is “no equal in the ballet world today.” The show is considered magical, with the perfect mix of acting, music and dance to leave the audience at the edge of their seats throughout the entire performance.

Act I follows the spell that sets Aurora’s world into a dream. Act II follows the vision, in which the Prince wakes up Aurora through intervention. Lilac Fairy shows the prince a vision of Aurora and explains what the prince must do to awaken his beauty.
Carabosse is defeated, the entire castle wakes from the slumber and Act III includes a royal wedding.

The ending of the performance includes all of the characters coming together in one final performance.